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Tools for analysis and risk management

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    Pillar combines the ICT assets a system with the possible threats, calculated risks and we can incorporate safeguards to reduce the risk to residual values acceptable. this allows us to establish confidence in the system.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Security infrastructure and management of identities
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    Government and public sector
    Licence owner
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    MAC , Linux , Windows



    The development of PILAR is closely associated with the use of digital, electronic and computer tools, which has obvious benefits for users but also involves risks that must be adequately managed through security measures that encourage trust in the use of these tools.

    The goals of the PILAR tool are:

    • To analyse risks using the MAGERIT risk assessment methodology and in compliance with the ISO/IEC 27005 risk management standard.
    • To design a security improvement plan.


    PILAR is a computer application compiling system assets, their interdependence relations and their value for the organisation. After gathering this information for a deeper understanding of the system, this tool enables users to enter potential threats to data availability, integrity, confidentiality, authenticity and traceability to assess the potential risks for the system.

    Once the risks are identified, a series of safeguards can be implemented, then estimating residual risk. This risk assessment method is an ongoing, recurring process whereby the protection system is improved on a regular basis to deal with new risks and build trust for both managers and users.