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Open Data BCN

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    Repositorio en Github do ckanext-odatabcn , Repositorio en Github do ckanext-federagobes , Página web principal , Estatísticas o portal Open Data BCN
    Open Data BCN is the open data portal concello de Barcelona and the main place of the organization where you can find information in reusable formats, allowing access for the common good i for the benefit of individuals and entities involved. Its catalogue of data use the programario CKAN (Python) on which have been developed opendatabcn extensions to customize their appearance and expand the functionalities, and federagobes for the federation of your data with the state portal and European.
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    Citizens , Any Public Administration
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    Open source application
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    Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen
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    Government and public sector
    GPL (GNU Xeral Public License)
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    Open Data BCN is the open data portal of the Barcelona City Council and the main site of the organisation where one can find information, in reusable formats, thus enabling its access and use of the information for the common good and the benefit of the people and entities interested. The data catalogue uses CKAN software (Python), over which the opendatabcn extensions are built. The extensions are used to personalise its look & feel and increase its functionalities and federagobes for the federation of its data with the statal and european portals.