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Advanced Services Online to the Local administration

  • Short Name:
    Through this project aims to bring the administration to citizens through new technologies
    Target audience:
    Agencies Responsible:
    Municipality of Miranda Ebro

    Computer N.C.Year 6. Municipality of Miranda Ebro
    Tf: 947349126

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Websites, electronic headquarters and attention to the citizen, support for the electronic processing
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    Operating system:


    Full name of the initiative:

    Advanced Services Online to the Local administration



    Acercar la administración a los ciudadanos a través de las nuevas tecnologías. Servicios de tramitación básica y avanzada. Identificación de usuarios mediante Certificados Clase 2 de la FNMT. Pasarela de pago.


    The municipality of Miranda Ebro has a web page in the direction (Opens in new window) a la que es necesario dotar de procedimientos online para mejorar y ampliar el servicio al ciudadano.

    Through this project aims to bring the administration to citizens through new technologies. To get to this end have been introduced a series of services of basic and advanced processing prior identification of users through Digital Certificates Type 2 electronic DNI or FNMT (DNIe). In turn provides a telematic payment system through a payment gateway provided by the board of Catillano and Lion.


    Online formalities :

    It is necessary to have the following programs:

    • JAVA (J2SE 1.6 or higher) to sign documents.
    • 8.0 Acrobat Reader to view the documents.

    Have a digital certificate of FNMT or DNIe

    Any web browser, recommended: Internet Explorer or Firefox.

    Electronic Payment:

    • Certificado Digital emitido por la Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre ( o DNI electrónico.
    • Owning a current account at: Savings bank Villages Municipal (Top Box), Sparkasse and M.P. of M.W of workers (Circle Box) or Savings bank and Salamanca Soria (Duero Box)

    Document of payment or the following information:

    • Concept to pay
    • Reference
    • Identification
    • NIF and name of taxpayer/obliged to pay
    • Amount




    • Improved interoperability of the S.I. AAPP: The proposed system will improve the internal workings of all procedures performed through the City of Miranda Ebro, as well as for citizens.
    • Possibility to reuse by other AA.PP resulting products: those that allows the integration of web services with other administrations.
    • Use of standards free and open source software

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