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Signature validation service and certificates Online - Validate

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    Functional description

    The signature validation service allows and certificates Online validation of certificates and electronic signature of the main providers of recognised Certification of our country, including the DGP.
    The services offered are:
    Validate certificates X.509 according to the RFC 3280, of certification authorities included in the platform. Between the validation features include:
    • Reconocimiento y validación del DNI electrónico emitido por la Dirección General de la Policía, y de múltiples prestadores.
    • Validate certificates X.509 according to the RFC 3280, all certification authorities recognized in the country by the ministry of Industry.
    • Validación Multinivel de certificados (en el caso de estructura de certificación de más de dos niveles).
    • Obtain information for the fields of the certificate.
    • Validate certificates from electronic headquarters.
    Signature validation , indicando si la firma es correcta y la validez del certificado con que se generó.
    • Si la firma es explicita (los datos de la firma están contenidos en un fichero separado del fichero que contiene el documento original) valide solicitará el documento original.
    • Once validated the signature allows viewing the document signed, as well as the signatories.
    Realization of an electronic signature . The platform allows several modes of signature:
    • The default is signing in format implicit CADES. For xml file is a signature XAdES pdf files and is a signature PAdES.
    • To access this functionality requires the installation of an applet that provides a signature client that allows electronic document signed by citizens who access to services of E-government. for this are used digital certificates of user that are installed in the browser or available through a module PKCS # 11 installed in your browser.
    • Si se desea realizar una firma en otro formato, o realizar firmas en paralelo o en cascada es necesario descargarse el programa de firma instalable en el ordenador que puede encontrarse en la misma página de realizar firma de VALIDe.
    Demonstrator @firma services. Provides a demonstrator of the operation of the administrations web-services wishing to integrate services of validation and signing of the platform @firma in its electronic services, to assess all services and make the necessary functional tests
    The demonstrator is accessible from the direction https ://
    Validate white markings. Los portales de la administración y las sedes electrónicas ya pueden integrar directamente la funcionalidad de VALIDe a través de los siguientes enlaces:


    Technical Description


    Validate is an application that provides a signature validation service and certificates online, using the corresponding services of the platform @firma in its Latest version.

    Hace uso de un componente para la realización de firma electrónica en puesto cliente basada en tecnología Java - applet -. The component has plug-ins for complete signatures in formats XAdES, and PAdES CAdES.

    Validate also offers a test environment of web services that offers @firma to facilitate the integration of services of @firma in applications, so that they can be all functional tests relevant.

    The application is displayed in an environment Linux Red Hat with JBoss 5.1GA as application server open source J2EE implemented in Java pure.

    Validate is built in a software architecture of three layers:

    Layer of data (Continuation)

    • The data that is stored reside in a database Oracle. The implementation of access to data is done in Java through Hibernate.

    Control layer

    • The layer of control is implemented in java through the framework Spring.
    • Reflects the requests of the view layer of cliente-usuario and redirect to the layer of view of Axis for the call to the articles of @firma.
    • This layer is responsible for implementing the validation CAPTCHA, which is then sent to the layer JSPs terms of cliente-usuario.

    View layer or presentation
    There are two different reporting subcapas:

    • As with the user interface of the application: the view of the web application for the user, with which he interacts. Is implemented through JSPs.
    • As with the interface of Francisco @firma: Implements the communication of calls and responses with the implementation of Francisco @firma, by sending files SOAP XML in petitions HTTPS. This framework meets specifications of WS-I Basic Profile and WS-I Security Profile.


    The language in which is developed Validate is Java, considered the resources necessary to fulfil its commitment to web accessibility, offers a free design and structure of visual and technological barriers that allow access to its contents to people with various disabilities, the elderly, and users in general.


    Validate has been developed following the following standards OpenSource:

    • Programming language: Java 1.6
    • Framework Spring.
    • JSP with tags JSTL 2.0.
    • Hibernate for access to BBDD.
    • 11 As Oracle database server
    • Apache Axis como interfaz SOAP con los webservices de @firma, cumpliendo las especificaciones de WS-I Basic Profile y WS-I Security Profile
    • Log4 as manager of logs.
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