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Technology transfer centre

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    To throughout the year 2020 there will be a review of existing solutions in the CTT to perform a cleaning of those that have become obsolete and not add value to a possible reuse.

    Functional description

    La descripción funcional completa de todos los servicios ofrecidos por el CTT así como el uso que se hace de ellos puede consultarse detalladamente en:

    • The FAQ on the CTT What is the CTT?
    • In the document available in the folder "user manuals" of the download area

    Technical Description

    The CTT environment bases its operation on free software products:

    • Mainly is a development java integrated with the free software solution for the management of content Magnolia.
    • Moreover using the free software product mailman to provide a system of management of mailing lists.
    • Como software de base se utilizan apache, jboss, tomcat, alfresco, cas y openldap
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