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    This forum of Citizen Folder was created with the aim of joining the vision of public administrations and private sector in the development of digital administration and services to the citizen, physical and legal persons.


    • Publicize the private sector advances in the development of public services geared to the citizen.
    • Collect the private sector, both individuals and corporations, their needs and concerns.


    • All the documentation generated in this forum, once adopted, will appear in this same free space of the community.
    • To participate as member of the group must send an email to, showing their interest in participation.
    • Meetings will be held in person and by videoconferecia. For assistance presencial will need to send a mail indicating its willingness to participate in situ . Due to a limitation of seats, is limited to a representative by company / association, aconsejandose aid by videoconference.
    • These meetings will be convened by email to all members signed.


    14 February 2018

    Published version 1 of specifications for large audiences of notifications

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    Se informa que se ha publicado en el área de descargas de la solución del Punto único de notificaciones para todas las Administraciones Públicas ( (Opens in new window) ) las especificaciones del servicio web de Grandes destinatarios de notificaciones.

    Estas especificaciones están en versión beta y servirán como inicio para un piloto de acceso y comparecencia de notificaciones por parte de grandes destinatarios, pudiendo sufrir variaciones durante el mismo. 

    Se publicará próximamente la organización del piloto para grandes destinatarios y cómo solicitar la participación.


    En esta área podrá darse de alta para recibir las notificaciones de cambios que se realicen en noticias, documentos o foros relacionadas con la comunidad.

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