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Participation section

Consultation of all subparagraphs and ways in which you can participate actively in this portal.

Comments and views on the contents

We want to know your views and experience with regard to the contents published in PAe for all pages available in PAe through a simple survey located at the end of each page you can tell us whether you hath result or Useful To the content as well as bring us bugs or requests for improvement. We do not need to be registered.

Además, usando vuestro usuario registrado podréis enviar comentarios públicos al contenido de las páginas que tengan esta funcionalidad habilitada. 

Communities of Collaboration

You can participate in our communities and request registration of new communities.


You can write and participate in our forums about electronic administration.


  • sabatdespatx2003 13/04/2021 to 14:43

    It should be easier to barcode know ORVE recipient of the different departments and ministries of the General state administration.