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European Commission – DGIT.

  • ISA programme (Opens in new window) Decision: The 922/2009/Ec of the european parliament and of the council of 16 september 2009 concerning the interoperability solutions european public administrations (ISA) is the legal basis of the Programme in the ISA 2010-2015, to foster cooperation among european public administrations so as to permit the delivery of public services that support the implementation of community policies and activities. The ISA Committee assisted the commission, Directorate-General for informatics in the implementation of the ISA.
  • CIO Network : Informal network of exchange of experiences, knowledge and good practices among Ict responsible national administrations of member states and associated countries of the european Union.

European Commission – DGCONNECT (Opens in new window) .

  • Digital Agenda for Europe High Level Group, (HLG): working group of the european commission referred to the governance of the Digital Agenda and the initiatives in oordinación EE.MM. to achieve its goals.
  • HLG eGovernment Action Plan : aims to provide advice to the European Commission in the proceedings in the field of electronic administration at european level, is composed of representatives of different countries and meets regularly to coordinate european policies in this area. Its origin dates back to the year 2004 when you create in DGINFSO of the european commission a unit responsible for the development of e-government in Europe and the I2010 action Plan.
  • Projects CIP (Opens in new window) : The CIP is born of the decision 1639/2006/Ec of 24 october 2006 establishing a Framework programme for competitiveness and innovation from 2007 to 2013. The aim is to stimulate greater penetration of innovative ict-based and utilization of digital content across europe for citizens, governments and companies, especially smes. You can find more information is available at: " CIP projects with spanish participation ".
  • EUgo Network (Opens in new window)

The council of the european union.

  • Working group of telecommunications and information society: The working group of the eu council of telecommunications and information society services discussed the commission's legislative proposals relating to issues such as the use of telecommunications in the administration, information security, protection of personal data, the information society services and electronic administration.