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Each Ministerial department will have a Ministerial committee for the administration Digital (TED) that would have to prepare the plan of action for the transformation of the ministry of digital according to the global Ict Strategy and guidelines for the ICT Leadership. Will be composed, unlike the previous CMAE, for those responsible for administrative units and of the most relevant ICT units in order to analyse, in a comprehensive manner, the departmental and prioritise needs.

It will have to inform and to refer to the provisions departmental ICT in terms both of ICT opportunities and the impact on ict resources.

The ministerial Committees Digital Administration iran constitute gradually by each of the ministerial departments:

The Royal Decree 806/2014, of 19 september (Opens in new window) on the organization and operational instruments of ict in the AGE and their government agencies, analyses in article 7, the role of the TED.

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  Royal Decree 806/2014 of 19 September (PDF - 533 KB) (Opens in new window)  on the organisation and operational tools of the information and communication technologies in the General State Administration and its public bodies.



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