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The highest organ ICT governance in the General state administration is the commission on the Ict Strategy will be representative of all ministries. This Body will link and alignment between the objectives and priorities established by the government and the use of information and communications technology to meet the needs of the administration.

Among its main duties include the development and proposal to the council of ministers of the ict strategy, declare the means and shared services, declare the priority projects of interest and report annually to the council of ministers of the state of digital processing of the administration.

The plenary of the commission shall meet at least twice a year. But to expedite the taking of decisions the commission on Ict Strategy will have an executive committee of the Ict Strategy.

The composition and roles of the executive committee shall be determined by the ICT Strategy. The any case not be able to have more than 10 members with voting rights, and to meet monthly to address issues on tactical and strategic raw delegated to him by the commission.

Its functioning and composition is regulated by the Royal Decree 806/2014, of 19 september on organization and operational instruments of ict in the AGE (Opens in new window) .

(English Version) Royal Decree 806/2014 of 19 September (Opens in new window) on the organisation and operational tools of the information and communication technologies in the General State Administration and its public bodies (PDF)