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General Secretariat of Administration - SGAD Digital

The SGAD , with the rank of Branch, and under the ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation is responsible to move the process of streamlining of information technologies and communications in the area of the General administration of the state and its government agencies in the terms established in the following Royal Decrees:

The Secretary General of Digital Administration is:

  • The secretary of the full commission TIC strategy.
  • El Presidente del Comité Ejecutivo de la Comisión de Estrategia TIC.
  • The president of the steering committee of the information and communications technologies.
  • The committee chairman sectoral E-government.

The SGAD provides technical support to all these Bodies.

In international cooperation develops an extensive activity:

  • En el ámbito de la Unión Europea: Comités, Grupos de trabajo y foros de la Comisión Europea (Plan de Acción 2011-2015, Programa ISA, Directiva de Servicios y Mercado Interior, Proyectos CIP-LSP como STORK2, GEN6 y E-SENS) y del Consejo de la UE (Grupo de trabajo de telecomunicaciones y Sociedad de la Información)
  • In the field not European Union: OCDE, Innovation (RIMPE, CLAD, CEPAL), arrangement of mutual recognition security certificates of information technologies, international standardization, etc.


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