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DATAOBSAE indicators

Presented in this section a set of indicators that allows you to analyze the introduction and use of E-government TIC and in public administrations.

Los indicadores se presentan agrupados en áreas y ordenados por sistemas origen de la información o por perspectiva.

Las dos primeras áreas presentan información de los servicios electrónicos prestados a ciudadanos, a empresas y a las distintas Administraciones desde la Dirección de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones, unidad responsable del desarrollo de Infraestructuras y servicios comunes para la implantación de la administración electrónica.

In the following areas presents the indicators collected in reports TIC infrastructure in the three areas: General Administration of the state, Autonomous communities and local entities, developed from this same direction in collaboration with all entities involved. Finally the field Indicators of external sources contains relevant information on the item published by others.

In the various tabs each indicator can be analyzed, depending on the case, its evolution annual or monthly, the breakdown of the global numbers by other variables, additional reports, maps showing the information territorialized and definition of concepts. Each indicator also has a short description of the same and a link to other pages where more information.

Indicators are updated monthly or yearly according to its nature.

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