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The Global Innovation Index presents the global trends and innovation performance of 131 economies. The latest edition gives Spain a score of 45.6 points and 30th position of the 131 countries analyzed.

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The index is composed of 7 pillars: Institutions, Human capital and research, Infrastructures, Market sophistication, Business sophistication, Knowledge and technological results, Creative results.

Focusing on the block "Infrastructures" and within it, in the category "Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)". The subpillar "ICT" is composed of 4 subindexes: ICT access, ICT use, Government’s online service and E-participation.

Infographic explained in the previous paragraph

In terms of infrastructure for innovation, Spain is in 7th place , achieving 16th place in the category " Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) ". Among the ICTs subcategories , Spain stands out especially in " E-participation ", in which it obtains 5th place in the ranking, with a score of 98.3 out of 100, and in " Government´s online service ", with the 16th place .