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The translation of the portal which you are viewing has been made by automatic translation without editing of translations and by human translators.

Such a system called SILVER use automatic translation engines opensource based on rules and statistics. Systems have been trained with specific corpus for the topics of portals, usually raw. Moreover it went through a revision of key concepts that should not be translated as names, addresses, names, etc. Although make every effort to improve the dictionaries, being a automatic translation without editing direct manual will not ensure the correct translation of all té quality of translations vary according to the language and are marked and defined by the thresholds of quality that current technology in the field of machine translation provides.

If you find some concept incorrectly translated or that it should not be translated into the portal were going to get in touch with the support of this portal for correcting the error.


The translation of the portal displayed in front of you has been produced by a machine translation system and has not been checked by human translators.

This system known as PLATA uses opensource automatic machine translation engines based on rules and statistics. The systems have been trained using specific corpora for portal subject matters which tend to be of an administrative nature. A review has also been made of key concepts that must not be translated, like names, addresses, surnames, etc. Although the greatest possible effort is made to improve the dictionaries, in view of the fact that it is a machine translation without any direct manual checking, it is not possible to guarantee that all the terms have been correctly translated. The quality of the translations varies according to the language. The translations are characterised and specified by the quality thresholds provided by current technology in the matter of machine translation.

Should you come across an item that has been incorrectly translated or which should not be translated on the portal you are browsing, please contact the portal’s technical support team so that the error can be rectified.


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