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The General Secretariat of Digital Administration (until december 2016 DTIC) promotes and coordinates the process of rationalization and digital processing of the General state administration and works with the rest of Public Administrations to ensure interoperability and the effectiveness and efficiency in the provision of services to citizens and businesses.

The Catalogue of Digital Administration SGAD aims to disseminate the common services, infrastructure and other solutions that are available to the public authorities to contribute to advancing the development of Digital Administration and improve services to citizens and businesses, or internal public employees.

The services that are presented in the catalogue are operational and expand its functionality. Many of them have been launched with the collaboration of various ministerial departments or other public administrations.

The services are grouped under different categories according to the functional area or of their characteristics of the provision. These categories are:

  • Momentum of the administration and Services for citizens.
  • Internal management.
  • Infrastructure.
  • Regulation, guides, and reports relevant.


  • VJIMENER 23/05/2018 to 13:14

    Hello when updating? Are lacking services such as FIRe or Autofirma.GraciasSaludos


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