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Service for the users

101 - Complaints and suggestions as electronic service of the administration of the autonomous community of aragon

Pillar Sanz Jiménez, Elena Paraiso, Joaquín Gimeno
Government of aragón

102 - Process of revision and adaptation of a model of participation in health

T. Antoñanzas Lombarte, M. Febrel Bordejé - D. General directorate of Customer Government of aragón.
I. Celaya Pérez, T. Coma Roselló - D. Gral. de Participación Ciudadana. Gobierno de Aragón
A. García Orea - Aragon health Service

103 - Integration of geographical data applications and corporate citizen

José Antonio Vega Gomis, Alfonso Diego de Gea García
Hydrographic confederation of the Segura - Ministry of Environment and Rural Areas and marine environment