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Service for the users

41 - Mercury: A multimedia portal for the development of educational television

Vincent Uneven Sosa
Ministry of education (caceres)

42 - Educational community in network: Convergence towards applications of the social web in the field of education

Vincent Uneven Sosa and Concha Giovanetti fernández de Henestrosa
Ministry of education (caceres)

43 - Parents 2.0: Education 2.0 in Castilla-La Stain in 2010

María del Bueyo Ruiz Lasanta
Ministry of education and science Board Castilla-La Stain Communities

44 - Observatory for the improvement of public services of the Junta de andalucía, a platform for the management of participation and quality of services

Hope Álvarez Molina
Ministry of justice and public administration of the Junta de andalucia

45 - PANAKEIA inegrado: a system of management, information and follow-up of clinical trials with medicines in Andalusia

Antonio Velázquez Martinez
Ministry of health - Junta de andalucia

46 - New proximity criterion in the election of centres based on the geolocation

Felipe Faci Lázar
Department of education, culture and sport government of aragón.

47 - The relationship with the citizen integrated with all corporate information systems

Pillar Sanz Jimenez
General de aragón

48 - Diputación de Huesca

Cristina of Hera Pascual
Provincial council of Huesca

49 - SALUDINFORMA, a service to improve the accessibility of aragon users to health care

Diana Serrano Peris
General Directorate of attention to users. Dpto Health and consumer Government of aragón.

50 - Draft E-learning @VANZA- regulated by the teachings of Extremadura

Antonio Jaén Gil
General Directorate of Vocational Training and lifelong learning (caceres).

51 - Electronic workflow system based on web application Framework and system integration with BPM with corporate tools and electronic administration of the Junta de andalucia

Carlos López Molina
Public company of Andalusia soil

52 - IREKIA: A ezperiencia of open government in the basque country

Jokin Olaizola Azkarate
Eusko Jaurlaritza - Basque Government

53 - Presentation of a case study: "Her Excellency The diputación de Zaragoza, an elearning project aimed at rural citizens"

José Luis Del Rincón Ruiz, Felipe Faci Lázaro
Her excellency the diputación de Zaragoza

54 - The new comprehensive portal de la Generalitat

Amparo Mora Martí
Generalitat de la Comunitat Valenciana

55 - Use of semantic web and the ontologies to the dissemination, work and research on legal texts: the experience of the statute of autonomy in Aragon

Francisco Javier García Framework
Government of aragón

56 - The virtual library of law in aragon, a technological project under way

Helena Sequí Miguel
Government of aragón

57 - Draft new portal of the services of the administration of the Autonomous Community of aragon

Joaquín Gimeno Pérez
Government of aragón

58 - Farmers and the use of electronic administration: request telematics guides to the movement of livestock

Maximum Fraile Escrich
The government of La Rioja

59 - Modernization and LOcal development (MODEL)

Margarita Badiola Valley
The government of the principality of Asturias

60 - Methodology of the testing process by the government of the principality of Asturias - METESPA

Maria Sandra García Peláez
The government of the principality of Asturias. Directorate-General for informatics