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  • The national reference centre of application of ict based on open sources (MOBILE WORLD). Created in 2006 as the State Public Foundation, was aimed at promoting open source software in all areas of society.

  • NOTE : Order PAHS/1816/2013, of 2 october, (BOE of 09/10/13) (Opens in new window) , which publishes the agreement to take measures for the restructuring and streamlining public sector and foundation. Foundations public sector that is: fundación National reference centre of Implementation of the Information and communication technologies (MOBILE WORLD) whose work will be integrated into the State Organization Registrar (Opens in new window)

Selection of studies in the field of electronic administration

Free Software in public agencies state 2011 (2011)

31 december 2011

Free Software in public agencies state 2011: Report of the survey results on the Open source Software in the State Civil Service (ESFA-AGE) 2011.- published in december 2011. (on the internet was introduced in january 2012) .- 1 pdf file 86 p.

  • NOTE: This is a report on the level of use of open source software by the state administration

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Report on the international scene of the open source Software 2010 (2010)

15 september 2010

Report prepared by The National Observatory MOBILE WORLD. the Open source Software (ONSFA). - Edits, MOBILE WORLD, submitted on 15 september 2010 .- ISBN-13: 978-84-693-2425-7.- Is downloaded on the web, mobile world a pdf file print p. 154.

  • NOTE This study: provides an overview of the level of development of the open source Software (SFA) in the mundo.- Good bibliografia.- Annexes: Format for the private sector, for the public sector, universities for communities of SFA

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The implementation of the law on Electronic Access of citizens to public services (LAECSP) (2009)

01 may 2009

  • Documents submitted under the title: joint OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE IN THE ADMINISTRACIÓN ELECTRÓNICA (Submitted the project in may 2009)

  •   Executive summary (Opens in new window) pdf .-1 40 q.- edits: MOBILE WORLD, may 2009.- Note: This document to the summary of the Act project Electronic Access of citizens to public services.

  •   Analysis of the impact of LAESCP in public administration (Opens in new window) 1 .- pdf file edit: 128 q.- MOBILE WORLD, may 2009.- Note: Impacts of LAECSP in public administrations, whose main objective is to provide a good practice guide in the implementation from an analysis of the act

  •   Map of processes and architecture of components (Opens in new window) 1 .- pdf 128 q.- edits: MOBILE WORLD, may 2009.- Note: this project will provide an inventory of processes and an analysis of open source technologies involved in order to implement the requirements of law 11/2007 of Electronic access of citizens to public services.

  •   Electronic archiving of public administrations (Opens in new window) .-1 pdf file 112 q.- edits: MOBILE WORLD, may 2009.-Nota: Addresses the key procedures using electronic filing, a regulatory analysis, analysis of best practices and technologies available in open source to implement it.

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Open source Software for the development of the Spanish Government: a global vision 2008 (2008)

31 december 2008

Prepared by the National Observatory of the open source Software, mobile world University Rey Juan Carlos I (Group GsyC/Free soft), Telefónica I + D, with the advice of MITYC Registrar, with the collaboration of MAP [et al.] .- Edits MOBILE WORLD, 2008 .- (Mobile World Reports, 09) .- ISBN: 978-84-691-5722-0 .- Electronic publishing into a pdf of 149 p. printed.

  • NOTE - Collects, cases and initiatives in AGE and public administration, Autonomous status of the law

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