PAe - continues to increase the number of services available in the beijing platform for Brokering data
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It continues to increase the number of services available in the beijing platform for Brokering data

11 june 2021

The consultations of massive death, of the environmental label, the business register and transport activities are some of the latest additions.

The Brokering platform of Data with strong pace continues in its sustained growth, not only in terms of data transmissions, but also of services offered, arriving nowadays 147 services

In addition, highlighting the improvements to the management of authorizations : the Online application service “ pre-autorización ” for the consumption of services and Workflow leave management to automate the permission requests through WebService . This is especially useful for REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS, and nodes of interoperability to build their business logic and authorization by automating the application process.

Services are a number of intermediated securities should be integrated recent additions:

  • Firstly the massive death (the ministry of justice) and consultation of an environmental label (of the DGT ).
  • Secondly, the ministry of transport, mobility and Urban Agenda has added two consultation services the business register and transport activities ( REAT ), the responsibility of the General directorate of Land transport. In particular the consultation of professional competence of a headline (natural person), NIF and data of a vehicle attached to a shipment authorization. These services will come up to five in the coming months.

We also recall the services were incorporated at the end of 2020, and that are beginning to be used, such as the General police directorate, the consultation of the town of lawful residence and processing of an alien that must not be confused with the physical residence of the person, whose data relinquishes INE .

It was also put in place of the ministry of justice, consultation of the hague apostille, to track the status of an apostille, annulment of an apostille and obtaining an apostille carried out.

Finally, during the first quarter of 2021, the increase in consolidated interannual transmissions is over 30 per cent increase in april and may.

You can consult the detail of consulting services PID PID

More information in the resolution PID - SVD of the PTT.

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