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New technical note of OBSAE: "The European regulation eIDAS"

28 September 2017

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A new framework for electronic identification in the European Union

The Regulation (HAT) No 910/2014 (Opens in new window) the European Parliament and of the board of 23 July 2014 (link to https :// www.boe.es/doue/2014/257/L00073-00114.pdf), concerning electronic identification and services of confidence in electronic transactions in the internal market and repealing Directive 1999/93/CE (eIDAS rules) sets the conditions in which the member states must recognize the means of electronic identification of physical and legal persons belonging to a system of electronic identification notified of another member state as well as standards for services of confidence and a legal framework for electronic signatures, electronic stamps, time stamps electronic, electronic documents, services of electronic delivery certified and services for authentication certificates of websites.

As regards electronic identification, the regulation establishes the obligation to recognize, in September 2018 schemes identification reported by other member states for electronic access of citizens (physical and legal persons) to public services. In practice, this means that, once a Member state has communicated its intention to a certain electronic identification system is recognized by the rest, citizens of this state may use the identification system (e.g. the DNI-e in the case of Spain) for access to public services online offered by the other states in conditions equivalent to those that these states offer their own citizens.

For more information about this regulation and its future implementation in Spain you can consult the technical note: “ The European regulation eIDAS "

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