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The platform is then redesigned Joinup on feedback from users

16 october 2017

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Complete restructuring of data, grouping of similar content "" collections, improved search filters facetada content and search, inactive data cleansing, version ‘ responsive ’ for mobile and tablets … are some of the improvements made in the new Joinup redesign.

At its sixth year of existence, the european platform to share and discuss digital management solutions (managed under the programme ISA ² DIGIT (Opens in new window) ) has undergone a complete overhaul. Joinup (Opens in new window) offers developers of you the opportunity to promote, discuss and upload their own solutions tested download electronic administration and other but, over the years, it became clear that there is a need to give users more guidance on how to find the information that it was more relevant, among other factors to be taken into account.

Therefore, following a series of surveys, polls and interviews, successfully identified users' needs and preferences.

The structure of the new Joinup

On the basis of this valuable information, the structure of the platform was revised. The solutions are now grouped in some 88 thematic collections. Another novelty is the possibility of carrying out a search multicriterio. In the future, the most important solutions are displayed in the first search results. To Define the relevance for the timeliness (i.e., the development of information), the vivacity (i.e., how long it visits the element of content throughout their life) and commitment (i.e., how long it uses the content).

The new solutions to load will be subject to a quality control for closer the moderation team of Joinup and, in a second step, the owner of the thematic series for proposing the solution, should give their blessing. Moreover, is required to leave related that admission to load. The solutions that had little interest in the past or had correctly been eliminated.

Finally, the platform now is ‘ responsive ’, which allows content in all types of devices in the appropriate format.

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