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PAe - progress in the integration of local entities in the network system records (SIR)
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Progress in the integration of local entities in the network system records (SIR)

27 December 2017

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Más de 2.000 Entidades Locales están intercambian asientos registrales electrónicamente por el Sistema de interconexión de Registros, representa aproximadamente el 25% de las Entidades Locales de nuestro país. 

SIR penetration is complete a level of administration of the state and virtually REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS (Navarra are all except).

Locally, the situation is very heterogeneous, due to population differences of the EELL and because 61% of municipalities has less than 1,000 inhabitants.

Currently, more than 2,000 Local Entities are exchanging registration electronically by the network system records which represents approximately 25% of local entities of our country. Likewise, if we consider the factor of the population covered by these Local entities, be reached the figure of 62.16% of the population can go to your local entity to send a register to another Public administration.

The current distribution of EELL integrated into SIR by REGIONAL GOVERNMENTS is as follows:

Andalucian marvel 10%
March 2%
Asturias 78%
V. Madrid 100%
Valencia V 12%
Canarian 100%
Cantabria 0%
The Stain Catillano 25%
Lion Catillano and 17%
Catalonia 59%
Ceuta 100%
Extremadura 55%
Galicia 31%
Balearic Islands 6%
The Rioja 16%
Melilla 0%
Navarre 0%
Basque Country 0%
R. Murcia 93%

More information on the page of the Network service records (SIR) from the centre of technology transfer (CTT).

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