PAe - Opened the term for an analysis HTTPS of environments and web applications of the public sector
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Open the term for an analysis HTTPS of environments and web applications of the public sector

11 April 2017


The CCN-CERT, within their campaign to boost to the implantation of HTTPS in electronic headquarters of the public sector, has opened the term for an analysis of domains, servers and web applications of all those agencies and entities that so wish.

Applicants for this service have until May 19 to become part of the study of the National Government CERT whose objective is to assess the implementation of HTTPS and the current state of the ecosystem HTTPS in the public sector. This only should complete a file Excel and send it to an email address, both available in the website CCN-CERT's report (Opens in new window) .

In this file, should provide all domains, servers and web applications wishing to include in the study. Once analysed web environments objective, CCN-CERT send a report with detailed results of the analysis HTTPS. The study is complemented with the report of recommendations for its correct implantation.

The CCN-CERT (Opens in new window) señala la importancia de hacer uso de comunicaciones web lo más seguras posibles, es decir, basadas únicamente en el uso del protocolo HTTPS frente a HTTP, independientemente del dispositivo cliente utilizado.

Parallel to this service, the CCN-CERT has published its Informe de Buenas Prácticas CCN-CERT BP-01/17. Recomendaciones de implementación de HTTPS which stresses the importance of making use of web communications as safe as possible, i.e. based solely on the use of this protocol address HTTP, which provides both authentication mechanisms as encryption and integrity. Using HTTPS in web technologies is application in both corporate environments as for individual use of the same, regardless of whether they are accessed from traditional computers and mobile devices, or from any other technological device, as partners to the Internet of things (IoT, Internet of Things).

On this occasion, the report of good practices is particularly aimed at those responsible for security (not the end user) and includes technical details for implementation and safe deployment HTTPS protocol in environments, servers and web applications.

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