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Guide to publish data open quickly and easily (with CKAN)

23 february 2015


The Draft Contributes has developed a manual for those members of the community open data who wish to share their data but have limited resources to carry it out.

Thus, through this guide, it assists and guide for anyone to easily open information, without the need to have extensive experience or knowledge on strategies for the opening of the information or technologies associated with them.

To that end, the present document is structured in a first part which stipulates a set of guidelines that will serve to identify and prepare the data for publication; encompass the following subparagraphs:

  • Select the data published : criteria for prioritizing the most appropriate information to the project, taking into account the existing restrictions on opening of the information.
  • Licences to facilitate the re-use : explicit information on the conditions of use of open data show the possibilities for re-use of open data.
  • Data : typology of formats and characteristics of metadata for the information not only is open, but it is interoperable with data from other sources.

Subsequently, the manual shows in detail how to publish data on the Web via a catalogue as simple as possible. In this process, is used as an example the platform open source free CKAN (Opens in new window) although the general recommendations of the manual could be applied to any other type of platform.

This guide creates a road map, easy and fast, to take the first steps in an initiative open data and experience with the issuance of open data; without the need for an economic investment and resources on a large scale.

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