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Patients in charge of their own health: the digital future health care.

12 december 2012

The Logo of the european commission

The European Commission has announced a plan of action to eliminate the barriers to full use of digital solutions in the european health systems. The aim is to improve the care of patients, give them greater control over the provision of care and reduce costs.

While the patients and health professionals use with enthusiasm the health and millions of europeans have downloaded applications in their smartphones in monitoring their health and welfare, health care must still digital exploit its huge potential to improve and generate savings efficient.

The plan of action (full list of actions in annex 1, MEMO/12/959 (Opens in new window) ) aims to accelerate change and to improve health care as follows:

  • clarifying the areas of legal uncertainty
  • to improve interoperability between systems
  • increasing awareness and skills of patients and health professionals
  • placing the patients at the centre of efforts relating to personal health management, and to support research on personalized medicine
  • offering free legal advice to new companies in the health sector online.

Further information, (Opens in new window)

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