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  1. IV International Week of Ceapat

    Ceapat headquarters. Street The Extremadura, 1. Madrid.


    The theme chosen for this year is "capacity With Ce", motto that wants to emphasize the need for products and services, settings, individuals, companies and public administrations should be number of trainers, contributing effectively to enhance the functionality of a more inclusive society.

    • Accessibility
  2. II Conference Sharing and Reuse 2019

    ROMEXPO, 65-67 Marasti boulevard, Bucarest, 011465, Rumania


    The Conference share and Reuse 2019 is organized by the program ISA ² of the European commission, under the Chairmanship of the council of the HAT and together representatives from the public administration and the private sector to discuss policies and strategies of open source and its application in the member states of the HAT.



    • Administrative cooperation
    • Technology transfer centre
  3. I ENS meeting. Trends and Security policies

    The museum auditorium mint FNMT-RCM On The Top -C / Doctor, 36-Madrid


    National PKIX Downtown, in collaboration with the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function (General Secretary Digital Administration) and foundation for the defence Circle, organizes the " I meeting of national security Scheme, ENS "that, on this occasion, is entitled Trends and security policies .

    • Security
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