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Rule SICRES 3.0

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    It standardises and established unique way, global and comprehensive, the model for the exchange of seats between entities Registrals regardless of the registration system origin or destination, and technology exchanges
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    Any Public Administration
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    Standardization and regulation , Semantic Assets
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    Government and public sector
    Not applicable
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    Legal , Political
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    Law 11/2007 in its Article 24.4 specifies that in the field of State Administration, the physical registration offices will be automated to ensure interconnection of all their offices and provide electronic access to the registration records and electronic copiïs of the submitted documents.

    To give answer to the law requirements, it’s promoted as part of the National Interoperability Framework, the development of a new version of the registration exchange standard, SICRES 3.0, to standardize the interoperability between registration offices.

    The main purpose of the SICRES 3.0 standard is to standardize the exchange of registry entries between different registration offices for input and output documents. It establishes the minimum information necessary for the exchange of a registration entry as well as the structure of the information and the minimum technology requirements for the exchange.

    The adaptation of the applications for registration and exchange platforms to SICRES 3.0 ensures interoperability with other registry offices that also meet the standard, regardless of the information systems that llauri used in source and destination.

    SICRES 3.0 compliance enables integration of the registry office with the exchange platform developed by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administration, under the project " Registry Interconnection System "

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