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Shared service Notifications management

  • Short Name:
    Notifies is a service of management of notifications that provides a platform for managing automatically all notifications and communications that are generated in agencies emitters, so that reach your destination in the most efficient and economical manner.
    Permite que la entrega de dichas notificaciones/comunicaciones pueda realizarse por varias vías, en función de las condiciones establecidas por el destinatario para su relación con la Administración: mediante comparecencia electrónica en carpeta Ciudadana del Punto de Acceso General, en soporte papel y/o comparecencia en la Dirección Electrónica Habilitada (DEH).

    Target audience:
    Any Public Administration
    Agencies Responsible:
    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration
    Network service insertable in applications of customer service in network to end user

    These contacts will be authorized to use by public employees.

    Note: If this is not your case and is You work for a public administration, please inform the person responsible for this administration that you contact us.

    1.- All items related to the platform Notifies deberán dirigirse a través del Centro de Ayuda e Integradores y Desarrolladores (CAID), en la página:

    2.- No obstante, para todo lo relacionado con el Servicio de Notificaciones a través de  la Dirección Electrónica Habilitada (SNE/DEH), se puede acceder directamente a los servicios de soporte de esta solución en:

    Coordination of service:

    Technical support to issuers:

    Commercial contacts:

    Technical support to citizens:

    Type of Solution:
    Infrastructure or common service
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Electronic processing, communications infrastructure and messaging, horizontal services for the AA.PP, support to the processing electronics
    Functional Area:
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:
    Programming language:
    Operating system:


    Notifies is a platform, in collaboration with other partners, facilitates to public administrations making available to citizens of notifications and communications they generate.

    Ways of making available are:

    Notifica, construida inicialmente en respuesta a las medidas de la CORA, fue declarada shared service by Strategic committee TIC at its meeting of 15 September 2015 . And as such is mandatory for the agencies issuers of the General administration of the State.

    Notifies provides issuers of notifications and communications:

    • Law enforcement 39 / 2015 regarding the practice of electronic notifications.
    • Una única interfaz para el envío de notificaciones y comunicaciones con independencia de la vía de puesta a disposición.
    • Time Control according to the parameters of shipment and expiration of the same.
    • Information on the state changes and the result of deliveries.


    04 May 2018

    Increase the issuer informs users 2,999 Unshade accordion

    In the month of April 2018 have reached the issuer 2,999 public administrations that use Notifies for the start at the disposal of its notifications and communications to citizens.

    De estos organismos emisores destacan las Entidades Locales que suponen el 82% del total de organismos. Se puede consultar el detalle de todos los organismos emisores que utilizan Notifica en el Observatory of E-government (DATAOBSAE) (Opens in new window) .

    Le recordamos que para cualquier aclaración o consulta puede dirigirse al Focus integrators and Developers (CAID) of MINHAFP (Opens in new window) .

    24 October 2017

    Ascent of the new version of the web services of Notific@ to Production Unshade accordion

    The new web 2.0 service of Notific@ for Issuers Agencies have been deployed in the production environment, after complete integration into the preproduction environment of the first agency Issuer.

    As a result, as change management Plan of Notific@, it was announced that it will support the 1.0 for web service Agencies Issuers:

    On 24 July 2018 for the preproduction environment.
    El 24 de octubre de 2018 para el entorno de Producción.

    Sending Agencies that use the web services of Notific@ must plan the necessary developments for the adaptation of your Astersik.

    31 July 2017

    Notific@ publishes a new version of its web services Unshade accordion

    The General Secretariat of administration Digital, as the shared service provider management of notifications, and as announced in the different working groups, has released a new version of web services for Issuers Agencies.

    For the development of new specifications have been taken into account the suggestions by administrations Notific@ users, both at the state level, and regional and local.

    Together, has been published the management Plan of change that regulates the continuity of service and deadlines for the adaptation of the groups involved to the new requirements and to the compatibility of versions.

    Sending Agencies that are integrated with Notific@ through web services must plan their adaptation to this new specification, taking into account the schedule for end of compatibility with previous versions, which will never be less than a year since the start of production of the new version.

    Cuando los nuevos servicios web estén disponibles en el entorno de preproducción se comunicará a través de los medios habituales.

    07 June 2017

    Directs DEH extension Unshade accordion

    The secretary of state of public function, Elena Hill Martínez and the Director of the national Currency Factory and bell, Jaime Sánchez Revenga, have agreed to extend the order of service management of the E-Mail Enabled for a period of two years. The effects of this agreement will have validity from the 26 June 2017.

    Los organismos interesados en la emisión de notificaciones por esta vía de puesta a disposición, pueden consultar los términos de la misma en la información del proyecto Notific@, en  la dirección administració

    For the accession process to that Directs it should continue Annex IV, which is part of the documentation of the original Entrusts in which also contains the financial data for the different modes of use of the service.

    Se hace notar que para el uso de la DEH a través del servicio compartido de gestión de notificaciones –Notific@- es de aplicación la modalidad más económica.  

    27 February 2017

    In the Notific@ CNIS 2017 Unshade accordion

    Shared service management of notifications, has had an important presence in the VII National Congress of innovation and utilities.

    The General Secretariat of the administration Digital, as the service provider, presented in the room of communications, the results of the daily work of the platform Notific@ which underpins the service.

    El uso de esta plataforma, originalmente construida para dar servicio a la Administración General del Estado, es ahora demanda también por la Administración Autonómica y Local, ámbitos en los que se han valorado positivamente que su uso permite el cumplimiento inmediato de la Ley 39/2015 del Procedimiento Administrativo Común, así como las diversas opciones de integración y uso, que van desde la más rápida y modesta que se obtiene mediante el acceso manual a la Aplicación web, hasta la más automatizada  que permite la integración mediante servicios web, especialmente diseñada para favorecer el envío de importantes volúmenes de comunicaciones o notificaciones.    

    In statistical data presented shows the effect of the entry into force of the new laws in October last year and its substantial increase in the first months of 2017. Results related to be quantified shipments with 319 agencies emitters, nearly 90,000 shipments of all public administrations. The main channel of availability of these shipments, has been electronics (citizen Folder and E-Mail Enabled) by 75% and 25% on paper.

    The most prominent Issuers Agencies are, in the area of the AGE, the General Secretariat of the administration of justice, with more than 45,000 shipments.

    In the area of the autonomous communities stresses the region of Murcia, with an early integration, incremental and successful with nearly 18,000 shipments and at the local level, the Provincial Office of Huesca, integrated in their own environment and the Provincial Office of Albacete, which has acted as an element coordinator and promoter of Notific@ for a large number of municipalities in the province.

    Also Notific@ was in the demo space, with a test that allowed stakeholders take different roles, both the Issuer agency to use Notific@, such as natural person or a legal person and collect your shipment at the citizen and Folder in the E-Mail Enabled both shared services and collaborated in the execution of this test.





    27 February 2017

    Notific@ services for the addressee Unshade accordion

    The General Secretariat of the administration Digital, as the shared service provider management of notifications, echoed the request from the private sector and announced a new line of work, addressed to improve the services of the platform Notific@ to the big recipients of communications and notifications of public administrations.

    There are various activities in portfolio, the highest priority, at the moment, is the one that would allow large organizations use web services Notific@ specific to receive their shipments automatically.

    In another line includes services that enhance the location of notifications of the same addressee electronic headquarters of the various AAPP who collaborate with the service, as well as those others that would put at the disposal of notifications with bulky attachments of such information by electronic means.

    13 February 2017

    The E-Mail Address Single Enabled (DEH) makes the notification process by electronic means. Unshade accordion

    Since last February 4, the service of electronic notifications of the E-Mail Address Single Enabled, integrated in the platform Notific@, has introduced some novelties that improves the management of notifications:


    Notification to stakeholders obliged and not obliged : The government may refer notifications to stakeholders obliged by law 39 / 2015 and, as a novelty, those interested not obliged which they signify directly its interest in being notified electronically to the administration itself, without having to put it in DEH. In case of not having a DEH, they will automatically automatically. These processes does not affect that he loses the ability to manage the high / low of your voluntary subscription to the DEH, if not put other obligations.


              Expiration date of the notification : By default, a notification means rejected after 10 calendar days of the availability of the notification without access your content. It is now possible to also specify an expiration date for the notification that fits the rules of each Administration.


              Format of notifications : Notifications may be forwarded, apart from in PDF format, as ZIP files of type.

    02 December 2016

    Notific@ after two months of rule of law 39 / 2015 Unshade accordion

    Today marks two months since the entry into force of the law governing the administrative procedure common for public administrations and which establishes significant changes for notifications administrative.

    Este hecho ha impulsado la puesta en producción del servicio compartido de  gestión de notificaciones - Notific@-, que ya cuenta con más de 100 organismos emisores, tanto de la Administración General del Estado, como de la Administración Autonómica y Local. Otros 50 organismos están ejecutando ya las pruebas de integración para su próximo pase a producción.  

    With nearly 10,000 consignments delivered in this period, the figures of results and the benefits are encouraging to the expectations of public administrations, which is demonstrated by the high interest generated outside the General administration of the state, area where the shared service notifications management is mandatory.

    Notific@ está siendo aprovechado de forma muy rentable por organismos tales como la Dirección General de Costes de Personal y Pensiones Públicas o la antigua Dirección General de Coordinación de la Administración  Periférica  del Estado, ambas del antiguo Ministerio de Hacienda y Administraciones  Públicas.  En el ámbito autonómico, destaca la Región de Murcia que, al igual que la Diputación Provincial de Huesca lo hace en el ámbito de la Administración Local, han demostrado una gran flexibilidad y capacidad organizativa para adaptarse al nuevo marco jurídico mediante su adhesión al uso de Notific@.

    24 November 2016

    Notific@ amplia los "Envíos Masivos" a todas las vías de puesta a disposición. Unshade accordion

    The functionality that allow for Mailings to Notific@ for delivery to the consignee by Folder citizen and if necessary via mail, has been improved to facilitate its use for all tracks of availability.

    Starting next Monday 28 November, you can also make mailings that offer the provision of shipments through a combinatorial diverse ways. New alternatives are as follows:

    • Spamming Citizen Folder (Folder options citizens, are also available for the electronic site issuer Agency, if active).
    • Envío masivo en el que los destinatarios son “Obligados”. Se ofrecerá  en Carpeta Ciudadana y una vez agotado el “retardo”, se pondrá a disposición a través de la Dirección Electrónica Habilitada
    • Massive shipment in which the recipients are “ volunteers ”. In this case, will be available in Public Folder, followed by the E-Mail Enabled and ultimately be distributed via mail.
    26 May 2016

    Progress in the legal framework for integration with Notific@. Unshade accordion

    The first is signed convention for integration with Notific@ and their agents Collaborators.

    El pasado 17 de mayo de 2016 se ha firmado el convenio de colaboración entre la Dirección de Tecnologías de la Información de las Comunicaciones, la Secretaría de Estado de Hacienda y la Agencia Estatal de la Administración Tributaria para la producción de notificaciones y comunicaciones postales del Tribunal Económico  Administrativo Central (TEAC) y la Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego,  a través del Centro de Impresión y Ensobrado (CIE), de la Agencia Tributaria mediante la plataforma electrónica Notific@ que da soporte al servicio compartido de gestión de notificaciones que se incluye en el Plan de Transformación Digital de la Administración General del Estado. 

    10 March 2016

    In the Notific@ CNIS 2016 Unshade accordion

    The Direction of information technology and communications (DTIC), introduced in space demo of National Congress of innovation and utilities (CNIS 2016), the solution Notific@, which is the technological platform that supports managing notifications, which was declared Service shared by the commission of strategy of information technologies and communications at the end of 2015.

    In addition to another type of communication products of a general nature on the project, space demo Notific@ focused on show full interoperability of the platform Notific@, both with the Citizen Folder as with the Electronic Electrónicas-dirección Notifications Enabled (DEH) whose management is tasked with the national Currency Factory and Timbre.

    The demonstration of integration - DEH Notific@ was very informative, then took advantage that the FNMT also had a demo at the space CNIS, allowing recreate a scenario of work that notifications emitted from a point in space demo from the finance ministry and public administrations and were in the mailbox of DEH a recipient who are consulted from another point located in the space of the demo FNMT.

    The chances that brings Notific@, both in the saving of effort and expenditure as in improving the service to citizens and companies awakened a manifesto interest for agencies issuers of notifications and communications, in particular the autonomous administration and local, who want to join the use of the platform Notific@.

    15 December 2014

    Starts the exploitation of Notific@ Unshade accordion

    With the sending of nearly 20,000 notifications of Spanish Fund Agrarian Guarantee (FEGA), has begun phase of exploitation of centralized system notifications administrative Notific@ role.

    Provides for the early entry into operation of other agencies, which are pending sign accession to the framework agreement governing administratively services offered by Notific@. These services are at the moment printing, enveloping and centralized notifications and communications administrative on paper.


    15 December 2014

    The contract formalized centralized postal services Unshade accordion


    On 1 January next enters into force the contract 07 / 14 the overall direction of rationalisation and centralization of recruitment for centralized delivery postal services. The contract, awarded to Mails, simplifies integration of agencies in the system Notific@ to not be necessary to have individual contracts with the service provider of distribution.


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