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Impulso del Gobierno Electrónico en la Diputación y Ayuntamientos de Palencia

  • Short Name:
    Project to improve technological infrastructures and communications centres of the council. Creation of Web portals municipal and implantation of a geographic information system in municipal councils of more than one thousand inhabitants.
    Target audience:
    Local Entities
    Agencies Responsible:
    Junior Branch of Palencia
    Service in infrastructure network

    Beatriz Bahillo Sáez
    Head of the computer service
    Development of Palencia
    Tel. 979715104

    Type of Solution:
    Good Practice
    Status of the Solution:
    Organic Area:
    Technical Area:
    Communication infrastructure and courier
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    Not implemented
    Interoperability level:


    Full name of the initiative:

    Impulso del Gobierno Electrónico en la Diputación y Ayuntamientos de Palencia



    Four are the general objectives of this project:

    FIRST : Garantizar la presencia en Internet de los ayuntamientos de la provincia que lo deseen, y que carezcan de los medios tecnológicos para ello. Para alcanzarlo, se impulsan tres grandes acciones:

    • Construction of 116 municipal portals of municipalities that have requested.
    • Soporte tecnológico y alojamiento de los portales 'web' municipales en los servidores informáticos de la Diputación que se adquirirán y mantendrán para ello
    • Formación del personal municipal de aquellos ayuntamientos que deseen mantener la información de su portal

    SECOND : Implementar diversos servicios públicos electrónicos accesibles, seguros, interactivos y/o transaccionales (según proceda) de gobierno electrónico tanto para la Diputación como para los ayuntamientos de la provincia. Para ello se han realizado cinco acciones:

    • Construcción de un nuevo portal para la Diputación de Palencia para crear o mejorar hasta 23 servicios electrónicos públicos modernos, accesibles y de calidad
    • Provide the portal a score of new functionalities topper internal management and for its users
    • Strength of technological support and accommodation for the new portal
    • Creation of 28 positions of maintenance of information of the portal 'web' of the council (editing, publication and validation)
    • Training of the council responsible for maintaining the information of corporate portal.

    THIRD : Facilitar la gestión municipal de los Ayuntamientos con población superior a mil habitantes (excepto la capital), mediante la implantación integral de un Sistema de Información Geográfico cartográfico que permita a su vez publicar la información pertinente vía 'web'. Se prevén dos acciones:

    • Construcción de 23 Sistemas de Información Geográficos municipales en las dependencias de los ayuntamientos solicitantes, con servidores y aplicaciones necesarias
    • Formación del personal municipal para la explotación y el mantenimiento del Sistema de Información Geográfico de los ayuntamientos adheridos

    FOURTH : To improve communication infrastructures of the county council of Palencia for correct provision of electronic services via the Internet, access to Internet authorized users, and for the interconnection of its own offices. Provides to that effect three actions:

    • Dispose of a line of communication with wealth enough to serve and provide the pages and requests for users' 'web portals municipal and the council
    • Implantar una infraestructura de comunicaciones de las denominadas "punto a punto Wimax" entre la Diputación y el Archivo de la Provincia recién instalado en el Castillo de Fuentes de Valdepero
    • Creación de un punto público de acceso a Internet en el Archivo de la Provincia del Castillo de Fuentes de Valdepero.


    Proyecto de mejora de las infraestructuras tecnológicas y de las comunicaciones de los centros de la Development (Opens in new window) . Creation of web portals municipal, as well as the implantation of a geographic information system municipal councils of more than one thousand inhabitants.
    Tanto los portales Web municipales, como el de la propia Diputación, se han creado y desarrollado con herramientas que cumplen con los requerimientos de este tipo de software libre:

    • For the Municipalities the province, has been chosen by the local Pista-administración tool provided by the ministry of Tourism Industry and trade, and made entirely with free software. The selected database, which will provide support to all the information and content of the municipal portals is PostgreSql. The application server used is Apache Tomcat. Has subsequently been migrated to Local Track + in BBDD MySQL.
    • For Development it has chosen the tools of content management called OPENCMS-COCOON, developed in java and completely free. The web server employee will be Apache 2.0, the application server Tomcat Apache and working platform JDK of Java.
    • To develop the Geographic information systems has been elected municipal tool Pista-Geopista, provided by the ministry of Tourism Industry and trade, and done with free software. The selected database, to house the information for both technological environments of a single user or several users on the network, is of Postgresql, instead of files GML. In the editor of widgets, will depend in each case whether the municipality available editing software or not. Geopista includes an editor java, completely free.




    Improves the operability between public administrations
    Collection tax management and online for those Municipalities that have delegated management in the council, electronic survey data of Local infrastructure and equipment (EIEL). Municipalities accede to information within its competence (cartographic in many cases), and may propose corrections and modifications appropriate, which once verified and accepted will be reflected in this inventory, and the tool Geopista, guarantees communication between the councils themselves and administrations as Cadastre by facilitating the burden of the rustic cadastral information, urban, etc. even information from EIEL itself to work at the local level in their own computer equipment, etc.

    It is a model for other Administrations reusable
    The introduction in this province of projects and Local Track Geopista, generates an added value to these products, and is that the experience can be extrapolated to the rest of the local entities nacional.Tanto level municipal Web portals, such as the Council itself, and geographic information systems municipal, given that meet the requirements free software.


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