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Facilities management data processing

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    Website CPD's
    Aplicación Web de Gestión de los Centros de Proceso de Datos, permite configuración de racks, us, equipo de sistemas o comunicaciones, información asociada, fotografías, conexiones, servicios asociados, bases de datos, servidores virtuales, aplicaciones.
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    Any Public Administration
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    Political ministry Territorial and Public Function
    Secretariat of state of Public Function
    General Secretariat of Digital Administration


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    Technical Area:
    And communications infrastructure courier services and management systems
    Functional Area:
    Government and the public Sector
    GPL (GNU General Public License)
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    With the implementation of Management of CPD's it intends to reach a single point of information where collect any information useful on the computers of the SGTIC located in the CPD 's central services of the ministry of Public administrations.

    It is intended that data to incorporate not only refer to the technical information of the equipment, but also include prodedimientos associated with them as well as the services and applications that include, connections that have or the contact data of the maintenance service of each team.


    El objetivo de este proyecto es conseguir centralizar la información de los servidores y equipos asociados que cada unidad gestionaba de forma independiente, de forma que aunque se mantenga la responsabilidad de cada área en el mantenimiento de sus equipos, los datos sean compartidos de forma rápida y cómoda.

    También se pretende optimizar la administración de los equipos al incluir información documentada relativa a procedimientos, servicios y políticas de backups de cada servidor.


    La Gestión de CPD's es una aplicación Web que permite centralizar la información de servidores, switches, routers, discos, o de cualquier equipamento informático de un CPD.

    As a Web application its management can be done from any computer that has a browser and have connection to the server.

    Use the tool is a simple and intuitive, information is distributed by CPD's, where each has a link partner. Within each CPD shows graphically the different racks, comprising the same, with the teams that there are installed in each.

    Each team can be edited to consult or complete information dividendose this in several blocks.

    • General information : includes data of equipment such as name, brand, model, series nº, data security, or dimensions, among others.
    • Maintenance of equipment: incluye los datos de la empresa de mantenimiento, periodo contrado y datos de contacto con dicha empresa.
    • Connections: specifies the connections between the teams, so that for example it is not necessary to be watching wiring to find out to switch port is connected a server.
    • Procedures associated: details associated procedures to actions that may be necessary to carry out in the team, are of particular interest the startup and shutdown.
    • Services and Applications: specifies the applications and services prestán since the team.
    • Backups: defines the backup politica being implemented in the team.

    It also allows the management of virtual machines located on physical servers that are located in the CPD.


    • Unify the information of physical data and features on servers.
    • Include in the same repositiorio information from other servers different teams that are also located in the CPD's.
    • Improvement in the distribution of physical space available on the various CPD's.
    • Unify the documentation associated procedures for the teams.
    • Create an environment conducive to the joint management of equipping a CPD and is useful for different areas.


    • Reduction of effort in the maintenance of information.
    • Allows you to consult much information from different CPD's in a single repository.
    • Unification of information.
    • Access via Web, it is only necessary that the client has a browser.
    • Without costs by licenses.

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