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Reduction of documentation to be presented by the citizens and enterprises

  • Indicators:
    • More than 130,000 documents interoperable consulted in 10 months.

    Functional description

    The project consists of four key areas:

    • Interopability with different administrations (AEAT, TGSS, Catastro, etc.) con el objetivo de obtener de manera telemática determinados certificados que deben aportar ciudadanos y/o empresas en los procedimientos administrativos a través de convenios con dichas administraciones.
    • Develop integrated internal services with the tools of administrative management for interoperability with these agencies from a single access point.
    • A that is used by those managers who do not have management tool for querying corporate records these documents interoperados.
    • Publish resolutions identificando los documentos que no son necesarios adjuntar, previa autorización del ciudadano/empresa, así como los procedimientos donde aplican.

    In this way, the administration of the principality may consult directly upon authorization, to the sources of information origin to obtain the data and documents that were once orders to citizens and enterprises to verify your identity, residence or absence of tax debts, among others.

    Since the functional the corporate platform allows telematic access various documents of other administrations, both the state and the autonomous community (AEAT, TGSS tax, which is the body of the principality of Asturias, cadastre, General police directorate, etc.), while such information available on the tools of corporate management and external tool for those who do not have even of the new version of the administrative management tool.

    Since the organizationally , se puede realizar el uso centralizado de la petición de aquellos documentos administrativos interoperados, existe un control de usuarios asociados a sus procedimientos de gestión y se elaboró un marco normativo (resoluciones) que amparase la interoperabilidad dentro de la Organización.

    Since the an operational point of view the formulas, AA accessibility and availability.

    For the future , se plantean dos ámbitos de actuación en el marco del proyecto:

    • Incorporate new interoperabilidades as a working life, tax residency, IAE or rent.
    • Improvements in the implementation of interoperability who manage the managers

    Technical Description


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