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The Suite client of signature is a tool of electronic signature in desktop environments and mobile devices, that works integrated into a Web page through JavaScript, as applet, as desktop application, or as mobile application, depending on the environment of the user. "name =" twitter: description "/ >

PAe - CTT - Additional Information - client electronic signature of @firma
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Client of electronic signature of @firma

  • Start date Production:

    01 / 03 / 2007

    Functional description

    La suite de productos del Cliente de Firma es una herramienta de Firma Electrónica. En su versión principal funciona ejecutando la aplicación de escritorio Autofirma y en los entornos móviles haciendo uso de apps móviles (Android e iOS). Permite realizar firmas CadES, XAdES, PADES, PDF, ODF y OOXML

    The suite of products from the client Signing is released as free software open sources with a license: GNU GPL version 2 and EUPL v1.1 . For more information, or if you want to participate in the development forge, please consult the section Community .

    The suite of products from the client Signing makes use of digital certificates X.509 and secret keys associated with the same that are installed in the repository (should) of the web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Crome, Safari) or the operating system as well as the devices that are in (SmartCards, USBKey) configured in the same (the case of DNI-e).

    El Cliente de Firma, es una aplicación que se ejecuta en cliente (en el ordenador del usuario, no en el servidor Web). Esto es así para evitar que la clave privada asociada a un certificado tenga que “salir” del contenedor del usuario (tarjeta, dispositivo USB o navegador) ubicado en su PC. De hecho, nunca llega a salir del navegador, el Cliente le envía los datos a firmar y éste los devuelve firmados.

    The client Signing contains interfaces and web components necessary for the fulfilment of the following processes (in addition to other as assistants hash calculations, reading of files, etc …):

    • Signature of binary files.
    • Massive Multifirma files.
    • Cofirma (CoSignature): Multifirma at the same level.
    • Countersignature (CounterSignature): cascading Multifirma.

    Como complemento al cliente de firma, se encuentra un cliente de cifrado que nos permite realizar las funciones de encriptación y desencriptación de datos atendiendo a diferentes algoritmos y configuraciones. Además permite la generación de sobres digitales.


    To obtain the source code of the Customer @firma, you can download it from the Downloads - Area Source Code .

    If you want the binaries signed by the Ministry of Finance and public administrations, you can obtain the Downloads - Area MINHAP Deployment signed , solo para usuarios registrados de las Administraciones Públicas. Para el resto de usuarios están disponibles binarios firmados con certificado de pruebas, desde el Área de descargas.

    Para utilizar los servicios de validación de firmas y certificados realizados con el cliente contra la plataforma @firma es necesario estar conectado a la Red Administrativa SARA.

      Objectives and advantages:

    Objective of the client:

    The objective of this system is to provide a public administrations ready to install software, which allows to easily integrate the services of electronic signature of different applications administrative. It aims to speed up the inclusion of the electronic signature in applications of administration, and directed these complexity arising from the use of different operating systems, browsers, devices and versions of java virtual machine.

    Como complemento a las funcionalidades del Cliente de Firma es posible utilizar los servicios de la plataforma @firma the MINHAP, as well as the tool Validate to check that the certificate employee is a valid certificate and not revoked, bearing, in this way, full validity to identify the owner.

    Can review document " Annex - certification service providers to know "certificates supported by the above services.

    Cuando se realizan trámites telemáticos en las administraciones públicas, es necesario la firma de documentos de diferente tipo. El Cliente @firma permite la firma de documentos, independientemente de su formato, mediante estándares avanzados de firma como XAdES, CAdES, PAdES, PDF, ODF u OOXML.

    The benefits that the client gives the agencies are:

    • Cost reduction: the service allows you to optimize the cost of developments requiring perform signature or identification by certificates.
    • Reducing development time eGovernment applications.
    • Reduction of complexity: transparent for applications using different formats of electronic signature as PKCS # 7, CMS, XML signature, XAdES, CAdES, PAdES, PDF, PDF and OOXML
    • Interoperability: to solve problems of operation in different operating systems, browsers and mobile environments.
    • Se puede disponer de un único cliente de firma para todas las aplicaciones del organismo, independientemente del tipo de firma que usen.
    • Avoids problems of users of various software installations mutually incompatible.
    • : Homogenization of electronic signature schemes for citizens, with an interface and operation similar for different applications.
    • Innovación: El Cliente de @firma es el primer paquete de firma electrónica en cliente, independiente del servicio web, disponible para entornos móviles, distribuible a todas las Administraciones Públicas del país gratuitamente.
    • Compatibility with @firma. All the signatures generated by the client of @firma, are verifiable by the validation platform @firma.
    • Technological neutrality: Update of client to new versions of browsers, operating systems and java virtual machines, avoiding these developments agencies. only Agencies should integrate successive versions of the client in their systems.
    • La interoperabilidad con los servicios proporcionados por las Administraciones Públicas. Se hace extensible la interoperabilidad al ámbito Europeo y al de sus organismos e instituciones al ser contempladas las especificaciones de compatibilidad con la Unión Europea.

    Technical Description


    Los requisitos mínimos para el uso del Cliente @firma son los siguientes:

    1. Requirements Server Environment:

    • Application server JEE compatible with Java Servlet.
      • Apache Tomcat, Oracle GlassFish, RedHat JBoss, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Application Server, etc.
    • JRE 1.6 or higher (recommended latest version of Java 7) with JEE 5 minimum.

    It is possible to perform a MiniApplet @firma deployment in a server system that it has only a Web server (as Apache Web Server) or with a server of applications not compatible with JEE (as Microsoft Internet Information Server, IIS).


    2. Requirements Client Environment:

      MiniApplet @firma:

    Java Java:

    • Java SE 6 Update 38 (1.6.0_38) o superior, en 32 bits (x86).
      • Se recomienda adoptar Java 8 o si no fuese posible usar al menos Java 6u45 o 7u76.
      • En Apple OS X no se soporta (por obsolescencia) la versión 6 del JRE de Apple, siendo necesario usar las versiones 7 u 8 del JRE de Oracle.
    • Java IS 7 Update 10 (1.7.0 _ 10) or higher.
      • It is recommended to take Java 8 or if it was not possible to use at least Java 7u76.
      • En 32 (x86) o 64 (x64/AMD64) bits según la arquitectura del navegador Web.
      • In Internet Explorer is always recommended use 32-bit versions.
    • Java IS 8
      • It is recommended to use at least version 8u51.
      • In 32 (x86) or 64 (x64 / AMD64) bits according to the architecture of the Web browser.
      • En Internet Explorer se recomienda siempre usar versiones de 32 bits.

    Operating system:

    • Windows XP SP3, View SP2, SP1 7, 8 or higher, in 32 (x86) or 64 (x64) bits.
      • Se recomienda abandonar Windows XP en favor de Windows 7 o superior.
      • Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 o superior, en 32 (x86) o 64 (x64) bits.
    • Linux 2.6 or higher (provided support for Ubuntu and Guadalinex), 32 (x86) or 64 (x64 / AMD64) bits.
      • It is recommended to at least one Linux based in version 3 kernel or higher (Linux Kernel).
    • Apple OS X Yosemite (10.10.5 o superior) o El Capitán (10.11.1).

    Web Browser:

    • Mozilla Firefox 4.0 or higher
      • In Windows are only supports Firefox in 32-bit.
    • Google Chrome versions of the 15 to 41. From, Chrome 41, it is necessary to have previously installed the program Self-signature on the user's system.
    • Apple Safari 6.2 o superior (soporte prestado únicamente para la versión OS X).
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 o superior (se recomienda usar siempre versiones de 32 bits). Note to users of Firefox 9 or higher and Windows XP or Windows Server 2003 : The burden of keystore and certificates of Firefox 9 or higher by MiniApplet @firma requires that you have installed the system settings from Microsoft redistributable runtime Visual C + + 2005 and 2013.



    Operating System

    • Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.
      • Supported directly in 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
      • In 32 or 64 bits.
    • Apple OS X 10.11 or higher.
      • Supported directly in 10.11 and 10.11.1.
    • Linux
      • Guadalinex, Ubuntu.

    Web Browsers (for the invocation by protocol)

    • Windows Microsoft
      • Google Chrome 46 or higher.
      • Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 or higher.
      • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 (unrecognized modes of compatibility with previous versions, nor any other previous version).
      • Microsoft Edge v20.
    • Linux
      • Mozilla Firefox 41.0.1 or higher.
    • Apple OS X
      • Apple Safari 9.0 or higher.

    In environments OS X and Windows is not necessary that the user has installed an environment of execution of Java. In Linux it needs a Java Java of Oracle or OpenJDK (marked as unit in the installer consist of Self-Signature).

    It is a prerequisite the installation of the latest version of Self-Signature (through its integrated installer).


    StandAlone interface:

    • Windows: Java 6 and Java 7
    • Linux: Java 6, Java 7, OpenJDK
    • MacOS X: Apple Java 6, Oracle Java 7


    Mobile signature:

     Firm@ Móvil es la familia de aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles del Cliente @firma. Gracias a Firm@ Móvil es posible utilizar, desde los navegadores Web móviles, aun cuando estos carecen de soporte de Applets de Java, las mismas aplicaciones Web de firma electrónica compatibles con el MiniApplet @firma.

    The application "Client mobile @firma" is available for platform with OS Android 4.0 and post and media platform for 8 and post for free from Google Play and App Store of Apple.

    https: / / / store / apps / details? id = es.gob.afirma

    http: / / / fr / app / cliente-firma-movil / id627410001

    Puede verificar el funcionamiento de estas APPs en la página demo:

    Access to the page of demo.

    More information in the mobility strategy signature.


    Applet @firma Client (Deprecated Is Put):

    •  Windows: Internet Explorer 8 y superiores, Mozilla Firefox (última versión), Google Chrome y Apple Safari (aunque este estaría fuera de las pruebas). (Java 6 y 7)
    •  Linux: Mozilla Firefox y Google Chrome (Java 6, Java 7, OpenJDK 7)
    •  MacOS X: Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox y Google Chrome (Apple Java 6 siguiendo indicaciones de Apple, Oracle Java 7)


    3. Other requirements

    Certificados digitales instalados en el navegador web/sistema operativo, tarjetas inteligentes u otros almacenes de claves.

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