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ACCESS - Headquarters Gestión-e and procedures

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    Functional description

    ACCESS is a modular platform that focuses on three main components: a sede-e; an electronic processing of cases initiated at headquarters; and a tool for stewardship and configuration, which includes a content management system at headquarters and a forms editor.

    The specific functionalities of ACCESS are:

    • Electronic headquarters:
      • Launching of electronic records.
      • Consultation of files (what's my?)
      • Electronic authentication.
      • Electronic signature and simplified electronic signature.
      • Notifications and communications (electronic appearance).
      • Automatic and transparent integration with electronic registries.
      • Management of the representation
      • The certifying officer
      • Stakeholder integration in the file.
      • Consultation and response to requests issued.
      • Consultation of files and also in appearance Citizen folder .
      • Provision of documentation to the current file.
      • Automated emails to warnings.
      • E-payment of fees.
    • Creation and management of administrative procedures:
      • Editor fácil e intuitivo para el diseño de los formularios de solicitud.
      • Design and branding of customized electronic headquarters.
      • User management.
      • Configuration of the states of handling, processing units to spread the flow of processing.
      • Gestión de ámbitos de tramitación (un mismo procedimiento, puede tener diferentes unidades tramitadoras).
      • Town of processing.
      • Possibility to restrict access to certain procedures.
      • Generation of statistical reports
      • Integration with other external applications.
      • Massive and automated management of records.
    • Electronic case management.
      • Management of administrative rulings with signature, clearance and CSV.
      • Templates and resolutions requirements and procedure.
      • Documental management commensurate with the National Scheme for interoperability (Royal Decree 4/2010)
      • Automated administrative proceedings.
      • Administrative silence.
      • Electronic file.
      • Contribution and documentary classification.
      • Linking of electronic records.
      • Transfer of files and documents to other administrative units and judicial bodies.

    Technical Description

    The application is composed by two distinct modules:

    • The module of the citizen, which is accessible from the Internet so that the citizen/applicant of all steps necessary to initiate administrative procedures available in the system and manage them later.
    • The administration module, which is the internal part of the implementation, available only for those users (agents, managers, owners of the administrative procedures, etc.) that are responsible for defining, control and monitor the design and evolution of the different dossiers associated with its procedures. If you use To accede in the cloud, this module is accessible only from RedSARA.


    Technical requirements

    The technical requirements are:

    • Apache + MySQL
    • Service/INSIDE-compatible Service.
    • Interconnection with Telematic: Registration, @firma
    • PHP 5.6


    Integration with other services or platforms:

    • Cl@ve
    • Self-signature
    • Cl@ve signature
    • Electronic registration: REC and GEISER
    • Citizen folder.
    • Payment gateway.
    • Portafirmas
    • Notific@
    • Inside
    • Archive
    • SIR
    • Represents (@podera habilit@, and other professional groups)
    • DIR3
    • EUTILS services (CSV utilities, cryptographic signature and signature)
    • LDAP Directory
    • Mail server
    • NAS server



    The system uses the following standards in its latest stable version:

    • Extensible Markup Language (XML)
    • Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) 1.1 and 1.2
    • XML Schema Part 1: Structures & Part 2: Datatypes
    • Security
    • Optional HTTPS- TLS



    • Meets the criteria of accessibility To and level AA UNE 139803:2012 and accordance of the W3C (To and the standard AA WCAG 2.0).
    • Design responsive.


    Electronic signature

    • Electronic signature, with electronic certificate issued in the name of the entrant to meet the specifications ITU X.509 v3, or later versions.
    • XML-Signature Syntax and Processing (W3C Recommendation 12 February 2002)
    • RFC 2459: Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure Certificate and CRL Profile.