Interoperable components and documents for electronic contracting

  • Short Name:
    CODICE is a set of components and electronic documents to the interoperable electronic procurement.
    Target audience:
    Business , Any Public Administration
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    Subtype data model:
    Information Structure
    Functional area:
    Government and public sector
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    The project aims to ensure interoperability between the subsystems to provide e-procurement (procurement platform, electronic business registration, electronic catalogues, electronic auction systems, etc.). It also aims to ensure interoperability with the information systems of economic agents participating in the recruitment process and the own bodies of public administrations.

    CODICE is a library of standard components and electronic documents for the development of e-procurement applications in accordance with the procedures and requirements of Directives 2014/23/UE; 2014/24/UE; 2014/25/UE; 2009/81/CE and the spanish legislation about Public Procurement, as well as the international standards and recommendations applicable to the identification, designation, definition and construction of such components.


    • electronic documents exchanged in a bidding process have been standardized in order to allow interoperability among those involved in the procurement process;
    • using the same specifications by different contracting authorities and economic operators will facilitate the development of electronic trading systems;
    • the use of reusable components allows the automation of business processes, reducing costs, time and errors in procurement procedures.