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Report IRIA

  • After the last amendment regulation through Royal Decree 806/2014, of 26 september, the committee on Ict Strategy, among others, the role of “ act as the Observatory of E-government and Digital Transformation ”, taking over the higher council of E-government. To that end, the committee on Ict Strategy makes the collection of “ information technological resources, human, economic and employment related to information ” and posted on the website of E-government (PAe) combined to present the results of these studies.

    The report IRIA presents an overview of the situation and use of systems and information and communication technologies in public administrations, local, picking up the main aggregates of the sector and its evolution, highlighting its peculiarities and thereby facilitating the establishment of a general framework for action that would guide future planning decisions and acquisition of information systems and technology in the administrative sphere.

    The information system IRIA as has the Local Administrations and is updated biennially.

    The Report IRIA it was updated in the year 2017 and since then, is published independently, every two years, with an annex to the Candidacies.


    • State secretariat for Digitization and Artificial intelligence.
    • Secretariat-General for administration.

    Participating agencies

    • Provincial and “ Juntas Forales ”, tips and Island Councils and municipalities.