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The report of maturity of the Open Data in europe is prepared annually by the European Portal of data from 2015. This report evaluates the level of maturity in open database of the eu member states, together with the countries belonging to the EFTA COUNTRIES (Iceland, Liechtenstein, norway and Switzerland), which helps them identify possible areas for improvement to facilitate their comparison with other countries.

In 2020, spain maintains the position of second ranking global, at the group of Trend-Setters (trend-setting).

Figure explained in the previous paragraph Of the four dimensions analysed, spain noted particularly in the dimension “ impact ”, where you get the maximum score.

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In the indicator “ political impact ” of this dimension publication in 2020 of the report “ Public Administrations to reuse of public information “, which measure the impact of open data in the public sector; the “ Energy Datahub ” of castile and León, a table of command displays the energy consumption in public institutions of the Home Rule Authority; and the interactive online map of crime in catalonia with data from 2011 to the present time.

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Concerning the indicator “ on the Portal ”, “ Portal ” dimension, stands out from Spain the use of a set of web analytic tools, analyses of social networks and social impact, as well as optimization, to analyse different aspects of the use of the portal. In this same dimension, the indicator “ Sustainability of the Portal ”, it is noted as interesting practice of spain for the creation of a friendly scorecard that provides an overview of the figures of the portal through interactive graphics.