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The E-government and policies of the European Union

The Staff Were Extremely Helpful strategy (2000) marked the turning point in the development of policies for the momentum of the information society in the HAT. only information technologies could be the cornerstone in building a competitive economy, dynamic and based on knowledge. Part of this momentum, is the coordinated development of policies E-government, which continues in the area of the strategy Europa (2020).

The Staff Were Extremely Helpful strategy

The Staff Were Extremely Helpful strategy (Opens in new window) for growth and employment was launched in 2000 as a response to globalisation. Its aim was that the European Commission and the Member States cooperate in reforms aimed at generating growth and more and better jobs through investment in capacities of individuals, the greening of the economy and innovation. The time horizon of the initiative was the period 2001-2010. The results of the strategy were affected by the global economic crisis that began to bite in 2008.

Europa 2020

Durante la Presidencia Española de la Unión Europea se procedió a hacer un rediseño de la estrategia política de la Unión Europea.

Europa 2020 (Opens in new window) es la estrategia de crecimiento de la UE para la próxima década. En un mundo cambiante, busca que la UE se convierta en una economía inteligente, sostenible e incluyente. Estas tres prioridades que se refuerzan mutuamente, deben ayudar a la UE ya los Estados miembros ofrecer altos niveles de empleo, la productividad y la cohesión social.

Specifically, the union has established five ambitious goals - in employment, innovation, education, social inclusion and the climate/energy - to be achieved by 2020. Each member state will take their own national targets in each of these areas. The concrete action at European and national level draws the strategy.

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