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Methods, tools and rules

  • Magerit - version 3. Analytical methodology and risk management information systems

    Belongs to the full of Higher Council of E-government collaboration with the National PKIX Centre of national intelligence Center in the development of security measures of information technologies and communication, the acquisition coordinated figure material and the formation of specialist staff in security systems.

  • CCN-STIC guides for the security of the systems of public administration

    Downtown National PKIX (CCN) makes available to the public administrations guides, including CCN-STIC segments, with which to improve the safety requirements demanded in the information and communications systems administration. Among these guides highlight of unique form under article 29 of the royal decree 3 / 2010 for the better compliance with the National security Scheme.


    The CCN-CERT is the responsiveness to security incidents of information from downtown National PKIX (CCN), part of the national intelligence Center (CNI). This service was created in early 2007 as CERT governmental English and is present in the main international forums in which is shared goals, ideas and information about security globally.

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