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The project allows Client @firma integrate technologies of electronic signature in Web applications of a fast and secure way, regardless of hardware or software that can use the user to access these applications, thus fulfilling the principle of technological neutrality. Aims to extend the compatibility in the provision of public services based on electronic signatures and certificates with a minimum effort and investment by the supplier of these services.

The growing tendency to use mobile devices to connect to the internet is necessary to adapt the client @firma the environment of the desktop to mobile world, expanded compatibility current (Windows, Linux, MAC) to mobile operating systems more widespread. With this aim the ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function has developed the application for mobile devices "Mobile Cliente@Firma", which allows you to incorporate the electronic signature to services of electronic administration with a minimum effort and investment and without the need by the integrator to acquire software licenses or integrate complex products in their servers.

This facilitates the implantation of services based on electronic signature, now also accessible via the mobile channel, maintaining a consistent user experience and satisfactory.

The APP should be composed of services of electronic administration wishing to incorporate mobility. Applications that already make use of miniapplet of @firma have compatibility with the signature in mobility almost automatically. You can make a demonstration of use through the following website: https :// (Opens in new window)

For more information on the client @firma or as integrating the signature mobile in their applications can consular the initiative:

The project and Client @firma "Client mobile @firma" is free software.

Downloading the application

The application "Client mobile @firma" is available for platforms with operating system Android (Opens in new window) and, for platforms media (Opens in new window) . Download is free from Google Play or the App Store of Apple respectively.

Access Google play (Opens in new window)                 Access App Store (Opens in new window)

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