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Dictionary of concepts and terms of E-government

The dictionary, in its 5th edition December 2019, contains 8,444 voices between main terms and references, being the main 3,266 (3,102 in version 4) and 5,157 secondary schools, referrals or see, leading to the reader of your way to raise the search to the meaning of standardized what you want to locate. Their dissemination started in April 2017.

It is a compilation of concepts and terms that encompass what is strictly administrative, as well as the ‘ enhanced digital transformation ’. In list enunciativa not exhaustive: the administration of justice, the information society, public sector contracts, electronic invoices, the biometric signature, payments in different modalities and until unregulated processes like social networks, vote, teleworking, etc. In addition, includes everything relevant of Transparency and good governance, Data protection, Reuse of public Sector information and accessibility. Also references to all the initiatives promoted by the European Union as the Single Digital Gateway, the node of recognition of certificates and investigación-prototipos on emerging technologies: string _ of _ blocks – contracts _ intelligent - artificial intelligence _ – Big _ data. Takes into consideration the technical standards with special development in interoperability, security and cybersecurity.

The analytical aspect power that locates the concept for their literal expression (electronic device) or their names in colloquial language (mobile phone, ‘ smartphone, tablet or cryptographic card or chip) as well as matters ‘ hidden ’ in the letter of the phrase. Included 25 elements of view out the options on matters in dispute, so that the reader can form criterion, going to the source.

Collects and broad the repertoire of rules that make up the The code E-government (Opens in new window) published by the BOE. Includes articles of 28 UE Directives, 9 Regulations of the HAT, 63 laws and 65 Royal decrees. Comes the concepts and terms defined in 92 technical standards (ETSI, W2C, ISO, UNE, guides, STC, etc.).

This dictionary goes to a broad public interested in electronic administration, whether or not an expert in the field, with profile of management and in any case to anyone who needs to find something precise, discover the boundaries of concepts, which determine the articles of the rules on the particular, as well as knowing other details as technical terms, 347 services made available to and 103 institutions with regulatory capacity, implementation or leadership in the field of electronic administration. Includes reference to 18 sentences they feel doctrine on the AE and link to 118 related documents with the item.

Co-edited by the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function (MPTFP) and by the ministry of finance (MINHAC) to the General secretariat of Digital Administration (SGAD) in the collection electronic administration. It is recommended to electronic reading because all the main voices refer to the source: article, definition, the institution, the standard, judgment, etc.

Dictionary of concepts and terms of electronic administration new

Dictionary of concepts and terms of electronic administration new

The author (Opens in new window) has developed a mobile application called DiCoTAE (Opens in new window) that facilitates the consultation of this dictionary, free download, without requiring special permits, without needing identification for downloading and which is operational without consuming data fare. The MPTFP has no responsibility on it, facilitating simply the reference for use by the players that they deem appropriate. it allows free text searches which enables locate terms ‘ hidden ’ in the conventional alphabetically. It also provides a channel YouTube called ViCoTAE (Opens in new window) , which aims to introduce not started, in the new concepts and the general architecture of the AE.

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