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We offer a collection of links to resources that can be useful to make the transition to IPv6 in your environment.

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In addition to the information on the process of transition to IPv6 in public administrations offered in this portal, the Agreement of council of ministers of 29 April 2011 (Opens in new window) encomienda al Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio que ofrezca a la sociedad en general un Portal de Internet específico sobre el protocolo IPv6, bajo el nombre de dominio « (Opens in new window) », Containing explanatory information and technical didactic on IPv6 and collect relevant news organizations of reference in matters of IPv6 in the international arena.

Entre las organizaciones internacionales que impulsan la transición a IPv6, ocupa un lugar destacado la Comisión Europea. Dentro del portal temático dedicado a Sociedad de la Información se you can find information on studies and projects (Opens in new window) that have been developed under his supervision. The importance for the economic and social welfare of the transition process to IPv6 is illustrated by the dedication of specific contents to the field (Opens in new window) that devotes the OECD. This organization has conducted various reports on the impact on the economy of knowledge of transitioning to IPv6.

RIPE, el registro regional para Europa de los recursos de Internet, responsable de liderar la integración de la gobernanza de Internet en nuestro continente dentro de su gobernanza global, mantiene en su web a specific section dedicated to the new protocol. (Opens in new window) Audiovisual Material, frequently asked questions and technical documentation of varying depths can be found in this important reference.


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