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In a data grid complex (which contains two or more levels of header and/or column) the association of headers with their respective cells being carried out through the attributes id and headers . This way each cell of data will include in its attribute headers the unique identifier ( id) of all the headings related to domestic violence.

Code example

City Population Extension ( km 2 )
León 135000 39


In the data grids should provide information about its content either through a title to element CAPTION or through a summary with the summary. In the data grids simple regarded as sufficient the use of CAPTION, whereas in the complex tables should use the attribute summary.

When a data grid has a text as part of the same, this text should be marked with the CAPTION and not with any other element without regard to different data tables (as a paragraph or a page, for example). The CAPTION element must be the first child element of the corresponding TABLE element. this way relates clearly indicates the chapeau with the data table at the code and not only of visual way.

In addition, it is important to include in the complex tables of data through the attribute summary a summary of the contents of the same and relations between the cells, especially for tables with nested headings, cells holding several columns or rows, or other relationships that are only visible when the table shows visually.

If a data grid be used jointly element CAPTION and attribute summary then the content of both must be different and complementary nature and cannot therefore be doubled.

Code example


Qualifications: asignatura Mathematics
Student Mathematics
Javier González Rodríguez 8.3
María del Carmen Martín Pérez 5


In order to place a box with a legend in a data grid, and that is accessible to all users, there are two possibilities:

  • If the callout text is not very extensive can be included in the own cells.
  • In the event of the legend is very wide, it is best placed after the table, and making references from the corresponding data cells through links to the legend.

eInclusion example of a legend in the table

It should be appropriately identify the legend over a text that the associated with the corresponding table. It also should indicate, by means of the attribute summary the table, which is no such legend and is located after the table.