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Accessibility in social networks

Last year entered into force most forecasts of the royal decree 1112/2018.

In paragraph 2 of Article 3 “ Scope of application ” of that R.D. presents a list of content forced among which are the pre-recorded multimedia content of temporary basis, defining “ multimedia content of temporary basis ” any multimedia file the following types: just audio, only video, audio and video, or any of the foregoing combined with interaction (Article 4 “ Definitions ”).

All the obligations of the royal decree affect both the information itself as the multimedia content generated by public administrations and spreading through their websites and mobile applications, regardless of the technological platform to use for this purpose . Therefore, also affects the content that may be rising to platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, etc.

Enables the Youtube publishers of content , i.e. suppliers of videos, automatically generate subtitles for the video uploaded.

The Observatory of Web Accessibility has generated the that explains in a simple way and eminently practical way of generating subtitles for videos. With this guide will also learn to edit them to correct any errors that may contain or incorporate all information relevant audio and contextual necessary for this video is accessible.

La utilización de imágenes en cualquier red social es parte importante en la experiencia de usuario. Twitter lo ha tenido en cuenta y permite a los miembros de su red añadir descripciones (textos alternativos) para que las personas con discapacidad visual puedan interpretar el contenido de las imágenes u otros elementos gráficos.

En el blog de Twiter, te explican cómo publicar imágenes accesibles. Estos son los pasos a seguir:

How to enable the writing of descriptions of images in

  1. Click on the icon of your profile and select Configuration and privacy in the drop-down menu.
  2. Haz clic en Accesibilidad en la lista de opciones de configuración.
  3. Search the checkbox Write descriptions of images .
  4. Check the box to enable or disable the configuration.
  5. Click Save changes .


How to add descriptions of images in Tweets at

  1. Click on the button to post a Tweet .
  2. Attach your (s) photo (s).
  3. Para escribir el texto descriptivo, haz clic en la imagen antes de publicar el tweet.
  4. Writes the description of the image and click the Apply. To edit the description, re-opens the dialog to preview of the preview image before posting the Tweet. (Has a limit of 420 characters).
  5. You can add a description for each image in a Tweet.


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