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Accessibility PDFs or official ofimáticos

Accessibility observatory

The accessibility of content available on the Internet also involves PDF documents and other documents linked from the HTML. It was therefore necessary to ensure that both documents ofimáticos as PDFs derived accessible.

These documents should not be used as an excuse for not generate contained through (X) HTML + CSS. In general must not be abused for PDF documents to provide information, by using them Only in certain situations, such as brochures, legal documents or documents to the extensive nature, it is useful to provide a downloadable version and printable.

To generate PDF documents accessible it is imperative that the official managed through a word processor (Microsoft Word, LibreOffice Writer, etc.) or any other program, are accessible. To generate these documents accessible you can follow the indications given in the following guides.

In the section Frequently Asked Questions on the R.D. 1112/2018 can find the answer to the question of What criteria according to the PDF documents (or any other document)?. On that question is contained the list of criteria of conformity which do not apply to a document and to be revised to ensure that the document is accessible.