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Todas las Administraciones Públicas tienen obligación de dar cumplimiento a los requisitos de accesibilidad impuestos por el Real Decreto 1112/2018 de 7 de septiembre, sobre accesibilidad de los sitios web y aplicaciones para dispositivos móviles del sector público . Esto se traduce en que todos los sitios web de las administraciones públicas deben cumplir la  norma UNE-EN 301549:2019 de "Requisitos de accesibilidad para productos y servicios TIC" (Opens in new window) aligned to the Criteria and A level of the AA WCAG 2.1.

To assist administrations in this task, provides this community in which its members can share their experiences and knowledge in web accessibility. Community members can:

  • Use the service of diagnosis online. Service that provides each department of public administrations undertaking, directly, automatic analysis of accessibility compliant to the study of the observatory based on the standard UNE 139803:2012.
  • Documentation and information sharing : Incorporating documents (studies, reports, documentation, information architectures, resolution of problems or occurrences, etc.) generated in their organizations.
  • Actively participate in the discussion forum .
  • Share improvements or/and developments in the area of accessibility. The AAPP assignor must have intellectual property rights.
  • Keep informed of the latest developments Through the section you can receive Subscriptions in your email the news published through the community accessibility. And you can also use the distribution list caccesibilidad-avisos (Opens in new window)

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