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Monitoring and reporting

Below are condicionants and implications for all players involved in the process of reviewing and monitoring of compliance with accessibility requirements:

Revisions by each agency of the public sector

All the public sector is obliged to carry out periodic reviews of accessibility requirements as established in Article 17 of Royal Decree 1112/2018, 7 September, on the web accessibility and applications for mobile devices in the public sector (Opens in new window) both throughout the process design and development as with the launch of their websites and its applications for mobile devices. Furthermore, once put in operation, with the aim of ensuring the maintenance of its performance over time, should be exhaustive periodic revisions every 3 years.

Accessibility revisions should cover all the requirements and take into account both aspects of Autospellcheck as aspects of manual revision expert, leaving all translated and collected in a "report of revision of accessibility". These revisions should respect the constraints imposed for revisions in-depth Implementation decision (HAT) 2018/1524 (Opens in new window) as the frequency, the selection of the sample pages and the revision of processes.

Paragraph Practical guides section "aid materials" can find "guide to web accessibility validation" with recommendations on how to perform these revisions and aspects to take into account.

The first revision of accessibility should be:

  • in the case of websites: before 21 September 2020 .
  • in the case of mobile applications: before the 20 September 2021 .

To do this, entities forced may perform a self-assessment or certify compliance through an external audit.

The results of these evaluations or audits should be a Report of revision of accessibility . Available formats for the report of revision of the web accessibility are as follows:

The formats for the report of revision of accessibility of applications for mobile devices will be issued later.

Moreover, each unit responsible for accessibility must prepare each year three reports on its specific niche, whose formats are shown below:

These reports will be available before the 1 October each year (a partir del año 2020). A partir de esta fecha, el Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital, a través del Observatorio de Accesibilidad Web, se pondrá en contacto con las Unidades Responsables de Accesibilidad para indicarles la manera de hacer llegar estos informes.

Revisions of the body monitoring and reporting

The Implementation decision (HAT) 2018/1524 (Opens in new window) sets the tracking methodology and provisions for reporting that will have to comply with the member states to track at the national level of compliance with the requirements of the directive and realize the periodic report every 3 years the European commission.

The ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation (competences transferred from the Ministry of Territorial Policy and Public Function) will be responsible for monitoring and reporting to the European commission. This Body:

  • May periodically check the situation with regard to the line of websites and applications for mobile devices of the public sector agencies with accessibility requirements, based on the methodology adopted in decision 2018/1524 of the European commission.
  • Podrá realizar verificaciones sobre muestras aleatorias con respecto a la exactitud de los informes de revisión de la accesibilidad generados por las entidades obligadas.
  • Submitted to the European commission before 23 December 2021 and every three years later , un informe sobre el resultado del seguimiento que se hará público en formato accesible.

The European Commission provides 2 review methods to be implemented by the member states:

  • The streamlined method will apply in Spain agree with the " draft methodology for tracking UNE-EN 301549 simplified (Opens in new window) ", pending final approval.
  • The method in depth apply in Spain reviewing and adding the sweeping reviews conducted by the agencies themselves and explained in the first subparagraph. The URAs will be responsible for the add all information and provide to the MAETD.


Para ayudar al Ministerio de Asuntos Económicos y Transformación Digital en estas tareas deberán colaborar con él la Red de Contactos de Accesibilidad Digital de las Administraciones Públicas, todas las Unidades responsables de accesibilidad, todos los actores implicados en las diferentes actividades de revisión de la accesibilidad, procedimiento de reclamación, promoción y concienciación, formación, y coordinación previstas en el R.D. 1112/2018.

For the definition of models, conditions and procedures to hear regularly and report on these matters, the ministry of economic affairs and Digital Transformation may involve:

  • La Red de Contactos de Accesibilidad Digital de las Administraciones Públicas.
  • The coordinating bodies in terms of information technologies of the General administration of the state under the Royal Decree 806/2014, 19 September.
  • The sectoral Commission established E-government in additional provision 9th of law 40/2015, October 2, Legal Regime of the public Sector.
  • The Technical Committee State Judicial Administration Electronics set out in Article 44 of the law 18/2011, 5 July governing the use of information technologies and communication in the administration of justice.

Monitoring and reporting in the first period 2020-2021

Monitoring and reporting in the first period 2020-2021

Monitoring and reporting since the 2022 hereinafter

Monitoring and reporting since the 2022 hereinafter

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