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Email is one of the most popular services at present and information and communication system. The growth in its use has been exponential in recent years and today its use is essential. With the solution mail Multidominio is accomplished:

  • Mantener unas políticas de servicio de correo electrónico homogéneas para todos los Organismos adheridos.
  • Distinguished by domains to each department/Agency acceded to multidominio mail service.

Al ser un servicio prestado en la nube, además ayuda a reducir costes en cuanto al licenciamiento, la reducción de sistemas y la reducción de personal en la administración del correo.

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La plataforma de Correo Electrónico Multidominio está basada en servidores de software libre y gratuito. Se compone de servidores SMTP (Postfix) con Servicios AntiSpam y Antivirus, servidores IMAP (courier IMAP).

The management of mailing lists is done with free software (Mailman-Gestor lists. Integrates with FedoraDS (LDAP) and allows decentralized management of users and mailing lists, i.e. the administration would be the responsibility of each agency.

Each agency can choose the mail client used for user access: free software, Mozilla Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook 2007. For access via webmail uses the solution HORDE of open source. All the bouts of client connections are made through a secure connection (IMAP-SSL, SMTPS, HTTPS).

The system allows the configuration of mobility to terminals of different models, which can also make with these terminals synchronization of agendas, notes and addressbooks.



Email systems are one of the hotbeds most frequently suffer attacks and information leaks entities that use it. While a large part of these attacks are due to social engineering attacks, impersonation of identity, viruses, etc., it is also true that maintain control over the administration of infrastructure, in both hardware and software architecture and storage management and custody of email messages raise the level of confidence in the platform.

Responsible for the service identified, audits of access to systems made and controlled from the own administration of the state, control antivirus, antispam and phishing to defined rules internally, possibility of immediate response to events, redundancy and high availability of services in their own facilities, etc., they give a control and a proven safety and demonstrated that must be assumed to external entities supranational.


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