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Applications for the internal management of units

The multiple administrative units and TIC units of the different public administrations have similar needs to satisfy.

Falls under this heading a set of useful solutions for the internal management of units, both the secretariats as TIC units.

  • Incident management - Pandora . Tool for the corporate high, management and monitoring of computer incidences, both at the level of the various applications made available to the different units, as everything related to computer equipment, office software, voice and data communications, etc.
  • Inventory management . Aplicación para gestión de material inventariable. Permite la gestión del inventario  informático y no informático, como por ejemplo el de oficialía
  • The request of Material - PeMat . Aplicación para la gestión de las peticiones de material: de escritorio, de archivo, informático, etc. dentro de la un organismo, así como el control del uso del mismo.
  • Registration of Administrative resources. Management application for the unit responsible for the registration, management and monitoring of the Administrative resources.
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