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Applications for the internal management units

The many administrative units and ICT units of the different public administrations have similar requirements.

It encompasses under this heading a set of solutions available to the internal management of the units, both of the secretariats and ICT units.

  • Management of Incidents - Pandora Corporate wiki for high, managing and monitoring the impact of these tools, both at the various applications at the disposal of the various units, as all matters relating to computer equipment, software, full of data and voice communication, etc.
  • Inventory management Implementation for material management. Allows inventariable inventory management software and computer not, such as oficialía
  • The request of Material - PeMat Implementation for the management of requests for material: desktop file,, computer, etc. within an agency, as well as control of the use of it.
  • Registration of Administrative remedies. Implementation of management for the unit responsible for the registration, management and follow-up to the Administrative resources.


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