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One of the pillars of the Digital transformation Plan of the General state administration and its Agencies, the Ict Strategy (Opens in new window) is the bet for a new model of provision of services more rational, articulated around the idea of shared services, compulsory and substitute for existing previously unique unless exceptions, and to the idea of common infrastructure in the field of information and Communications.

For these reasons, Commission on Ict Strategy - CETIC adopted at its meeting on 15 september 2015 Regulatory Framework of the declaration of shared services (Opens in new window) and also the first statement of shared services (Opens in new window) .

In this first statement should have been included 14 services, some of which are already operating and other of them in the process of development and deployment.

  • Unified telecommunications service
  • Managed security service
  • Lodging service ICT infrastructure
  • Service hybrid cloud (Cloud SARA)
  • Email service unified
  • Multichannel service citizen
  • Management service of the register
  • Management service notifications
  • Management service payroll
  • Integrated management of staff
  • Common service económico-presupuestaria management
  • Joint service for the generation and validation of electronic signatures
  • Management service and electronic file
  • Management service electronic archive